Newbies + Cake Smash!

{ NEWBIES } From fuzzy ears to tiny toes this will be a relaxed, tender session with focus on the newborn (2 weeks or under) and interaction with mom/dad. If your child is excessively grumpy or uncooperative, we can reschedule. I am very patient and understanding. I want to document this incredibly magical snapshot in your life…and boy does it go fast! For these sessions I’ll ask you to get your house nice and toasty and fill that baby’s tummy up. During these very relaxed sessions, patience and gentleness is key. Don’t be worried about going over the session time. This is something that is near to my heart and I want to make sure you are in love with the images of your little bundle of joy.

{ CAKE SMASH! } This is a fun-filled session to capture your little one turning ONE! These candid shots will capture your child's true essence and character. We'll have fun playing with nature and end the session with the hilarious, unforgettable cake smash session.